Tips y consejos para un teletrabajo más saludable


CSLV, one of Korea's leading lifestyle and interior design magazines, reviews Beaktor in its February 2022 issue.

CSLV presents a selection of products and styles that will define 2022, framed as “Lifestyle Trend Keywords 2022”, and inspired by the profound changes in everyday life after 2 years of uncertainty caused by the pandemic and the latest natural disasters. This edition presents the most innovative pieces capable of making life easier for consumers.

“Nowadays, in order to keep up with an ever-changing world, it is essential to understand reality and quickly embrace evolving trends with an optimistic attitude.”

Beaktor expresses those values, which is why CSLV describes it as “a smart desk that creates an optimal office environment in minimal space. And when not in use, it becomes an art mural”.


BEAKTOR es la herramienta definitiva para la era del teletrabajo: toda tu oficina en un único mueble. Diseñado especialmente para incorporar todo el ambiente de trabajo o estudio a tu hogar con un simple movimiento de apertura, BEAKTOR favorece el orden y la concentración, repercutiendo positivamente en tu autoestima, motivación y capacidad productiva

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