The Remote HQ.

A unifying platform that offers an ideal home office experience.

We believe that not all remote working should be purely virtual. Beaktor provides organizations of any size with a physical platform that equips employees with the best possible home office experience. Our solutions promote better organization, stronger communication, and more comprehensive collaboration.

Each Beaktor can be fully adapted to suit the individual. By unifying all essential pieces of office kit in one place, it creates optimal conditions for each worker, wherever they are based. It brings the office to the home, offering the same quality and standards found in any traditional workplace.

Its flexibility allows the effortless delivery, installation, retrieval, repair, and upgrade of each Beaktor whenever required. It creates a networked head office that attracts and retains talent, while preserving the employer’s commitment to the wellbeing and productivity of their staff.

From SaaS to BaaS.
Beaktor as a Service.


3 months

Ideal for short span projects, vacation periods, companies in development stages or simply to evaluate Beaktor before extending the subscription.


9 months

Recommended for academic courses, for companies in transition toward a remote or hybrid model.

Full Remote

12 months

Ideal for companies and organizations that have made the transition or already embraced remote or hybrid work.

Why Subscribe?

Made to measure.

Offers a scalable and adaptable platform to each organization, favoring a better optimization of human and financial resources.


A remote facilities manager. Beaktor is like a “bit” of the office at home, that’s why we created Beaktor Concierge, to offer timely support to the remote workforce.


A web management tool for control and monitoring of the equipment of each worker. For example, view the location of each Beaktor, assign new resources, or configure subscription details.


Beaktor goes wherever is needed. It is shipped like any online purchase and requires less than 1 m2 for installation.

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