More than a desk,
a platform.

Discover Beaktor

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Health and Wellbeing

Based on office standards
Enables the adoption of ergonomic postures
Lighting offers a high colour rendering index
Reduces visual fatigue
Made of FSC/PFC/TÜV certified materials.
Provides acoustic isolation in the control panel.

Home Friendly

Fits in less than 1m2 or 21,2 sq. in
Blends with home decor
Can become an art display
Ultra fast commuting, less than 15”


Safe and sustainable
Robust and easy to service
Expandable, can accommodate modems, sensors, HDs, speakers, etc.
The first “remote HQ”, by enabling a unified platform for remote workers

Lighting for any situation

Wellness Lights: favors rest and relaxation.
Work Lights: perfectly covers work surface and reduces visual fatigue.
Conference Lights: eliminates face shadows for video conferences.

Color with purpose

BEAKTOR work surface is available in four colors, each carefully chosen to create a positive mood that supports productivity and helps counteract eyestrain.

Spring Green

Inspiring, optimistic, and efficient, this shade of green stimulates innovation It is ideal for those who require acumen and creativity in their work. Easy on the eye, it suits anyone looking for a breath of fresh air to activate their imagination.

Silk Rose

Gentle, relaxing, and sincere, this shade of pink is a real boost to brainpower. It offers balance and naturalness to create a peaceful and stable work environment. This tone is recommended for people who work under pressure and put in long hours. 

Moon Grey

A thoughtful, timeless tone, ideal for those who seek calmness in their daily lives. This colour is for people who require an orderly, balanced, or analytical environment. If you have a longer circadian rhythm, or value the peace of working at night, this is for you.

Infinity Blue

Balanced and serene, this blue is exceptionally helpful for concentration. It is ideal for those seeking order and efficiency in a happy, healthy work environment. We especially recommended it for anyone who considers productivity a priority.

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