Home Office

In large cities, it is becoming increasingly common to find homes of limited size in which single people or couples live alone or as a couple. Given the limited space available, it is important to have furniture that adapts to these needs. Beaktor is ideal for them, since tenants can telework with the same comforts of a physical office and when they finish, use that space for other personal purposes.

Beaktor has everything you need in less than 1m2.
Upgrade your home, reclaim your space


Coworking spaces are shared spaces where freelancers, teleworkers and entrepreneurs go when they do not have adequate space at home and for various reasons have to do without renting a physical office. As in hybrid offices, Beaktor optimizes the space, thus promoting user comfort, and also offers more privacy than a conventional desk.

Circular economy will make us less dependent and boost our resilience.


Any business needs to dedicate some time to management and administration, but not everyone has the space for it. That’s why Beaktor offers to have an office in your business in less than 1m2 and not waste space on a conventional table that can also be inconsistent in the environment and lack privacy.

More privacy to your business and to your employees.

Student Hall

Most student residences have a small amount of space for each guest. In most cases it is around 10m2 per person. Although study, as the main activity of the guests, is paramount, it is important that users can disconnect and rest in what is now their home. Therefore, Beaktor meets the two main requirements for these spaces, although it is also a tool.

Study and disconnection is less than a minute.


Usually, especially in recent times, hospitals set up areas to be used as waiting rooms or extensions of the emergency department, and in many cases they are quite small spaces so it is important that the furniture occupies as little as possible to facilitate the transit of stretchers, wheelchairs and beds. Beaktor only protrudes 18.8 cm from the wall when closed, so it can be used on any wall without being an obstacle.

Beaktor can adapt in any space. It's just 18.8 cm from the wall when closed.


More and more bars and cafés are offering a space and a suitable environment for their customers to go to work accompanied by their laptop or tablet. Beaktor fits perfectly in those places that, due to lack of space, need a suitable furniture for work and, at the same time, can be collected and use the same space for another purpose.

Promote remote work to your clients.


It’s not all leisure and pleasure. Many people travel for work and need a comfortable space to prepare presentations, make videoconferences or simply update their email inbox. Beaktor is that comfortable and ergonomic space that helps you disconnect with a single movement. The hardest workers can find it in the room and in a reserved area in reception for those who want to use it more sporadically.

Provide a whole new experience for your clients.

Hybrid Offices

In recent times it is increasingly common for companies to adopt the hybrid office or hotdesking model for their workers. Beaktor adapts perfectly to such versatile spaces as these office models, since space is optimized by reducing 0.8m2 per worker.

Optimise your office space, enlarge your team.

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