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The corporate brand MUEBLE DE ESPAÑA, specifically designed by ANIEME with the support of ICEX, brings together Spanish manufacturers of home, kitchen and office furniture as well as contract furniture manufacturers.


The time for fixed workspaces is gone. Studies show that employees are expected to work from home more often in the long term. Throughout the past few years not only has changed our way of working but also the places in which we work. Hybrid models are now quite widespread with people remaining working from home at least a couple of days a week.

However, homes are not really designed for nine to five working; people usually are squeezed into tiny flats struggling to find space for a laptop or any other tool or device used for work purposes. This new reality implies the necessity of finding solutions for a smart, healthy, and productive use of home workspace.

At the 2022 edition of the Maison&Objet, BEAKTOR will be presenting its unique vision of the remote office: a beautiful, versatile, and truly ergonomic workspace that requires less than one square meter to create an authentic office experience, at home or in any other space – an office, a co-working space, a hotel, a coffee-shop,  a showroom or a store, in a library, in student residences, hospitals… wherever space-saving applications and functionality are needed.

BEAKTOR is a multi-functional, space-efficient workspace that makes the space work for you. Based on office standards and ergonomic principles, it has been designed for a new era with the purpose of maintaining health, promoting well-being, and restoring work-life balance. Made of sustainable, high-quality components, BEAKTOR is a professional-grade product with a long-life cycle and a range of features for delivering a fully functional remote office-like experience.

At first glance, BEAKTOR may seem to be either a folding desk, an art piece or a decorative object. Yet its industrial design is based on two defining elements: a frame that is made of thick ash wood, and a central unit that folds down uncovering a work surface, a pegboard, and a storage compartment. It includes up to three types of lighting, one exclusively developed for video calls; USB port and power sockets; an original kit of accessories that allow users to position their second screens, laptop, and smart devices at eye level, making it truly ergonomic while keeping everything tidy and within reach.

BEAKTOR is available in 2 different models:

  • BEAKTOR CONFERENCE: 3 types of LED lights controlled by touch panel (Work, Conference, Wellness); 2 plugs; 1 USB port; 1 USB-C port;
  • BEAKTOR WORK: 2 types of LED lights controlled by touch panel (Work, Wellness); 2 plugs.

It comes in a range of colours that positively influence mood and reduce eye strain. It can be also customized and turned into an artwork or a complementary piece of home décor thanks to BeakArt, a magnetic foil that can be easily removed and changed. For large organizations, customizations can be made for branding or technical requirements, such as hardware or IoT devices integration.

With BEAKTOR innovation has not only been applied to the industrial design and development of the product but also to the customer service. As a matter of fact, the BEAKTOR workstations are available for purchase, aimed at private and independent users, or by subscription for start-ups, small and medium businesses, large organizations, private and public institutions, and multinational corporations.  It comes ready to use and can be delivered anywhere in the world.

This year, its innovative features has been recognized with two Red Dot Awards 2022 in the Innovative Product and Product Design: Office categories.

In addition to this, BEAKTOR offers a 2-year warranty and is FSC and PEFC certified. Its modular industrial design allows for portability, easy and fast installation, fast deployment as well as easy maintenance, repair and customization.

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BEAKTOR es la herramienta definitiva para la era del teletrabajo: toda tu oficina en un único mueble. Diseñado especialmente para incorporar todo el ambiente de trabajo o estudio a tu hogar con un simple movimiento de apertura, BEAKTOR favorece el orden y la concentración, repercutiendo positivamente en tu autoestima, motivación y capacidad productiva

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