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Unfolding Beaktor

Beaktor carries all you need to work remotely in in less than 1m2. Its size makes it a perfect to fit in any home, everywhere. Each element has been carefully designed to create a unique piece of easy-to-install, highly functional and environmentally friendly furniture.

Conference Lights: In order to
have the best image of yourself, 
you should get a LED light circle
for your meetings.

Conference Lights: Beaktor comes
already with integrated conference
lights so you don't need anything more.

To stay health, you have to sit
on a ergonomic chair  designed to best
support the human body, including
considerations like posture, comfort,
support and health.

At Beaktor's you can buy the full
package to stay healthy with the best
ergonomic chairs Andreu World. 

The Control Panel allows you to 
fix your screen at your eye view line, 
avoiding future back problems.

To elevate your computer at
work, most people has to use 
books and catalogues. 

Beaktor's surface has the exact measure requirements for a healthy work environment.

The office table at the most essential 
piece of furniture to work on. It should
have all the ergonomics measures. 

To care about your eyes, you have to 
have proper lighting conditions. 

Beaktor comes with 3 different
lighting effects: Upper light for
illuminating panel and surface, 
conference lights for meetings, 
and lower light for relaxing. 

5 (and more) in 1

Beaktor complies with all the regulations and standards required to work in the best possible conditions of space, ergonomics, digital and electrical connectivity, and lighting. It’s been developed to bring your office anywhere you want. Here is five basic needs we find easily, but after try it, you’ll find much more. 

“I am delighted, working is now very comfortable and having my house organise is a pleasure.”

Dr. Angela M. Davila
Parasitology Researcher - Universidad CEU San Pablo

“Everything is more comfortable, the height of the screen, the lighting, the space on the desk, and when it is closed is beautiful. I like the wood and it smells great.”

Sjoerd Koster
Manager for BeNeLux at Signify (Philips Lighting)

“I am happy with my Beaktor, it is practical, comfortable and elegant; I like how easy it is to use the different accessories to place my devices.”

Iván Peña
Software Engineer - Thrio, Inc.

From work to leisure in one lift

Beaktor fits in less than 1 m2 or 21.2 in2 and can be integrate and respectful to any home. It folds and unfolds in seconds so you can easily disconnect after working. Closed, it can become an art display to blend with any decoration.

Carrito de compra

¿Quieres probar Beaktor?


Escríbenos un correo a o llámanos al +34 605 95 03 95 para concretar una visita a nuestro showroom. 


Rellena el formulario para que conozcamos mejor tus necesidades. Te dejamos Beaktor por dos semanas para que pruebes, y posteriormente haremos un presupuesto personalizado, sea para suscripción o compra a tus colaboradores.