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It's called BEAKTOR and it's a desktop. Not just any desk: it's the perfect desk for the times we live in. A key piece that takes a step into the future.

“As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler”, said American philosopher and poet Henry David Thoreau. And in the modern age, this couldn’t be more true. Simplifying the thoughts and actions of our daily lives is one of the best ways to solve problems. Living a simple life can be one of the most fulfilling ways to live. This is the underlying principle behind a revolutionary new tool named after… well, after what, exactly? Let me explain.

Consider the pelican in our logo. Look at its beak, look at the large pouch that gives it its unique character and serves to catch fish and drain water. As for the suffix –tor, it comes from the Latin to describe the action, purpose and structure of something or someone. Think creator, sculptor, or editor.

Well, the name of this new tool is Beaktor® and it’s a desk[ELP1] . But not just any desk[ELP2] . It is the perfect solution for the new way of working we are transitioning to. It is a vital piece of equipment that brings us closer to the future, a functional space created to make our lives easier. It is everything you need in a single piece of furniture, a self-contained workstation. It is a way to simplify our actions by having, as Thoreau put it, our work processes well organised, like a kind of tidy, compact warehouse. It is where you install your computer, tablet, or smartphone, where ports and sockets are pre-installed, where all the built-in lighting you need for calls and video conferences are a touch switch away.

As an object, it is as efficient as it is elegant, opening and closing with a single, streamlined movement. Just like the beak of our pelican. But there’s much more to it than that. Strong legs equipped with large, webbed feet make it an expert swimmer. Likewise, Beaktor®’s sturdy, sustainably sourced wooden legs provide visual appeal while supporting the upper moving parts of the desk and storage. And like us, pelicans are natural team players. The fossil record shows that for 30 million years, they have gathered to feed by beating their wings on the water’s surface, driving fish towards each other. This value defines Beaktor®, a human tool designed specifically with harmonious teamwork in mind. It is a solution for cosmopolitan people who connect and interact with others, be it students, freelancers, digital creators, or professionals from small and medium enterprises, academic institutions, and large corporations. Beaktor® users are typically well-travelled yet appreciate the comfort of their own homes and have a keen eye for interior design. They are digital natives seeking to increase productivity and achieve the best results through collaboration.

Beaktor® recreates the best bits of
the office environment in your home

Beaktor® recreates the best bits of the office environment in your home, incorporating essential requirements to work and study in an organised, comfortable, and safe way. This new approach to work, increasingly aimed at remote working, video conferencing, collaborative applications and interconnectivity offered by various devices, has facilitated real-time contact, making the working from home experience both viable and attractive. It has given us the opportunity to restore balance to our homes, and in passing, correct and improve our work and study conditions by taking advantage of new opportunities. Just like the pelican that sees the world from a different perspective when in flight, Beaktor® rises to the emerging challenges and experiences of this new normal.

We welcome you to a new way of combining life and work, incorporating the best elements of design, technology, and ergonomics. We offer you innovation, personality, and lifestyle.

Like pelicans flying over the sea, Beaktor® takes you to new horizons from the comfort of your own home.

Are you ready to take a step into the future?


BEAKTOR es la herramienta definitiva para la era del teletrabajo: toda tu oficina en un único mueble. Diseñado especialmente para incorporar todo el ambiente de trabajo o estudio a tu hogar con un simple movimiento de apertura, BEAKTOR favorece el orden y la concentración, repercutiendo positivamente en tu autoestima, motivación y capacidad productiva

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