Tips for a safer and healthier Remote Office

Will the homes of the future then integrate the proportional part of the office that traditionally housed employees?

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Time for ergonomics

Fatigue, demotivation, loss of concentration or even decreased performance may be related to the lack of an optimal workspace.

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Meet Beaktor [bi:k-to]

It’s called BEAKTOR and it’s a desktop. Not just any desk: it’s the perfect desk for the times we live in. A key piece that takes a step into the future.

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We are Beaktor

Beaktor is the ultimate tool for the era of remote work. Easily installed and integrated into your home or in any creative space. With a simple opening motion, it reveals all the functionality needed to work or study in the most efficient conditions of space, ergonomics and lighting. Beaktor is a tool for a new way of living and working.

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